A new way to access company Knowledge.

99% of company data is inaccessible
to each employee.

This information is hidden in employee communications.
Email = 99% hidden
Slack = 80% hidden

Teamflow enables employees
to access this information
While maintaining employee privacy

Search the inaccessible

Employees can view content summaries that they can request access to.

Overview summaries can be periodically published by the owner, if unpublished just the topic & matching score are displayed.

Privacy retained

The content is packaged for the owner to review and easily grant access.

Content is only shared if published by the owner, retaining the highest level of privacy.

One-click on-boarding

Login via your email client & connect the tools & apps your company uses.  

Data encryption & passwords

Data is encrypted using AES-256 both in transit and at rest.OAuth is used for authentication and passwords are never stored.

Employee Access

Employees have no ability to access the private content of others unless it has been actively published by the owner.

Content Access

Teamflow has no ability to read company content & never stores any documents or messages.

Open your companies knowledge

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Employees spend 36% of their time looking for information

60% state it's difficult/impossible to obtain critical information from their colleagues

This causes productivity losses of £10k per employee per year

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